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Strategic Intentions

“The future is not someplace we are going to, but one we are creating. The paths to it are made, not found, and the making of them changes the destination and the maker” ~ Phillip Adams.

Essendon North Primary School pursues excellence in developing global learners and leaders, who strive to exceed expectations. We maximise the potential of all; empowering independence, excellence, innovation and engagement with the world. We aim to continuously improve the quality of education for every child in every classroom. We place a high priority on delivering high quality instructional practices in all curriculum areas, and student learning outcomes.

The community is committed to strategic research and futures’ thinking to ensure that Essendon North Primary School is creative and innovative in approach and practice, and is able to optimise the learning capacity of all students. To this end, the school regularly conducts a strategic review of all aspects of the school and plans for improvement, in alignment with the principles and practices of the Victorian Department of Education and Training, the CIS and IB World Schools.

The following strategic intentions are taken from the school’s Strategic Plan (2023 to 2027) and reflect the community’s commitment to delivering an international standard of education for every child in every classroom. Each year the school develops their Annual Implementation Plan (AIP), to support the implementation of the Strategic Plan. Each year the school publishes an Annual Report, reporting on progress and achievement in the previous year.

Goals and Key Improvement Strategies:

Goal 1. Optimise the learning growth for every student in literacy and numeracy
Key Improvement Strategy 1a. Consistently embed all elements of the school’s instructional models (teaching and learning)
Key Improvement Strategy 1b. Use of formative assessment to inform teaching practices that individualise the learning (assessment)
Key Improvement Strategy 1c. Use the PLC model to enhance evidence-based teaching practices (teaching and learning)

Goal 2. Empower all students as active learners to improve engagement and learning outcomes
Key Improvement Strategy 2a. Build a shared understanding of student agency across the school community (leadership)
Key Improvement Strategy 2b. Build teacher practice in using the HITS, with a focus on metacognition and feedback (teaching and learning)
Key Improvement Strategy 2c. Build teacher capacity to co-design opportunities for students to exercise agency in their learning (leadership)

Goal 3. Maximise the personal and social capabilities of every student
Key Improvement Strategy 3a. Embed and refine the existing wellbeing initiatives (leadership)
Key Improvement Strategy 3b. Build professional knowledge to assess and monitor the Personal and Social Capabilities (engagement)
Key Improvement Strategy 3c. Build a school-wide approach to supporting students requiring reasonable adjustments (support) 

ENPS Annual Report 2022

ENPS Strategic Plan 2023-2027

ENPS School Review Report 2018-2022